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*BLOG* Trackman 4 At Fynn Valley

Why Trackman 4?

Earlier in the week I was fortunate enough to be invited into Adrian Hubert’s academy of golf centre and trial Fynn Valley’s TrackMan 4 - The most powerful and accurate golf Launch Monitor simulator ever built. Currently tucked snugly away in their driving range, Fynn Valley are the only venue in the greater Ipswich area that offer access to TrackMan’s newest generation simulator. With features such as screencast recordings, impact locations and real time reports, golfers of all abilities can benefit from a technical breakdown of their game. It’s a real hidden gem which I never knew Fynn Valley offered.

Like so many others, golf became a new hobby of mine during the covid-19 pandemic. I’d always seen personal coaching as slightly superfluous, however the more I play, the more it seems paramount to improving my game. Adrian’s private coaching accompanied with the TrackMan technology helped create an intimate, hands-on lesson which provided me with more insights than I could’ve imagined. After first entering the studio, you really start to gather and appreciate the scale of this simulator, it operates by projecting a chosen location/setting onto an entire fake wall which is actually what you hit your golf balls into. Adrian loaded up the simulator and demonstrated how a professional of 33 years hits the ball. Fortunately for him, they were incredibly consistent as what I’m sure are his go to excuses of rain, wind and sun are nonexistent within the studio.

Several swings into my lesson, and several more scuffs and hooks, we were able to generate a report which encompassed information such as ball speed, spin rate and club path which was later shared to me through the TrackMan golf App. From here, Adrian was able to break down my playing downfalls through a technical and data driven approach and then attempt to rectify these through more traditional drills and improvements. One of many issues found was that my ball direction tended to rear left due to my clubface being closed, also, my ball contact was not central to the clubface. TrackMan 4 actually shows the exact contact point, Club Face to Path, Swing path, Angle of attack, Smash Factor, Club Path, Spin Rate, Max Height, and Numerous other parameters. Adrian then videoed my swing and compared it with a well-known tour player, there was some obvious differences – for now anyway…

I caught up with the Fynn Valley professional a few days after my lesson to discuss what we’d seen. If I was to have a follow- up lesson, Adrian said that he would “aim to rectify my issues through changing my grip which will improve my clubface position at impact. I also have to concentrate on maintaining my posture through impact, this will help to create much better ball contact”. If you’d be interested in finding more about TrackMan sessions, have a look at the online page: (


The simulator has a plethora of courses and modes to select from which I’d imagine most golfers could sink hours, if not days into. Check out their website for a full rundown of features: ( I fancied myself a round at the home of golf. After programming the simulator to play at St. Andrews golf club, Adrian input which club we were teeing off with and then showed me how this particular mode works. We were effectively playing a round in dreary depths of Scotland from within the studio – it was quite surreal. Not only was I able to retain 2 sleeves of balls after the round, but I was also able to analyse each individual shot and have continuous data of each shot throughout. One noticeable downfall with TrackMan 4 is that the putting understandably falls slightly short of other elements of the game, although this hardly impaired the experience in my case. The simulator rectifies this by “self-putting”, which effectively randomly selects a 1, 2 or 3 put score once you’re onto the green based on your average “real” putting score. I wouldn’t advise someone who wants to improve their putting game to use the TrackMan, rather, spend an hour on the putting green 30 yards away. 

I’d absolutely recommend even one session with the TrackMan 4 to golfers of all abilities. In the one hour I spent with Adrian I was able to identify several issues which, in conjunction with each other, created a basis for major issues to materialise, all whilst encompassing an element of “Game-like” enjoyment. All golfers, irrespective of experience, have parts of their game which require improvement. TrackMan 4 is best utilised as a tool which diagnoses faults, which in turn allows golfers to improve these faults as they now enter the forefront of the mind when playing.

From my understanding, Fynn Valley are currently looking to offer TrackMan packages aimed towards corporate events and groups. The thinking behind this is that groups of around 5 can hire the simulation studio and, with assistance from a member of the Fynn Valley team, play with the TrackMan’s game modes. Perfect as part of a team building day.

I caught up with Golf Director Jenny Homes and asked her what Trackman 4 brings to Fynn Valley, she answered with the following;

“As part of the ongoing programme of developments and improvements we have made to the courses and facilities at Fynn Valley in recent years, Trackman is a good fit to further improve the golf offering here at the Club”.


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